2nd Data4Food2030 General Assembly: Shaping the Future of our Food Systems

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Following the successful representation of the Data4Food2030 in the exciting Synergy Days Conference, our 24 partners from 12 European countries have converged in the beautiful city of Thessaloniki on October 6th,  for another momentous occasion, the 2nd Data4Food2030 general assembly. This assembly marks a pivotal moment in the Data4Food2030 project, where partners came together to discuss the results of the project’s first year in action and share their vision for the road ahead.

The Importance of In-Person Connections

In our digital age, the opportunity to connect in person is truly a privilege. The assembly has provided partners with the chance to strengthen their bonds, exchange ideas, and deepen their collaboration. It’s a reminder that even in a data-driven world, personal connections remain at the core of meaningful partnerships.

Highlights of the Assembly

The Data4Food2030 2nd General Assembly has been a resounding success, with participants engaged in a range of activities:

Multiple Workshops: These workshops have focused on the project’s key concepts, helping to refine and deepen the understanding of data’s role in shaping the future of food systems. During the general assembly, 4 workshops took place:

  • Legal developments in relation to data spaces; Data Act, Data Governance Act
  • Interoperable data spaces
  • Value of data from a data user perspective and examples of micro data economy
  • Rulebook for dataspaces:  What is the Rulebook and how to apply it? What are examples of data spaces for food systems or other sectors?

Stimulating Presentations: Intriguing presentations have sparked dialogues among all partners, driving innovative thinking and a shared vision for the project’s future.

Planning for the Future: Perhaps the most exciting aspect of the assembly is the planning for upcoming activities over the next three years. Partners are collectively shaping the project’s trajectory and defining its long-term impact.

A Heartfelt Thank You

We extend our gratitude to all the participants who have contributed their valuable expertise to this amazing consortium. It’s this wealth of knowledge and dedication that makes Data4Food2030 such a promising initiative. The journey of Data4Food2030 continues, and we invite you to stay connected and follow our progress on social media. Find out more about our upcoming activities, workshops, and the groundbreaking developments in the realm of data spaces. Tune in for more updates on this exciting journey!

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