About Data4Food2030

The project at a glance

Discovering the value of data economy in European food systems

We need to address the lack of understanding of multiple aspects of the Data Economy for Food Systems in which data are not only a new economic asset, but a strategic good in the transition to sustainable food systems and to a fair and inclusive society.
We need to deepen our understanding and shared perspective of its development, performance and impact, using an interdisciplinary systems approach to avoid possible pitfalls and to ensure that it leads to a desirable future state.


Data4Food2030 aims to improve the data economy for food systems by expanding its definition, mapping its development, performance and impact to create new insights and opportunities.
  • Enlarge the knowledge base

    and insight into the data economy for food systems

  • Develop a system

    that monitors and evaluates the development, performance and impact on relevant EU policies of the data economy for food systems

  • Identify drivers and barriers

    and turn these into opportunities, recommendations and solutions

  • Test solutions and evaluate

    recommendations in case studies and through stakeholder dialogues

  • Provide future scenarios and a roadmap

    and sustain the monitoring system to support policy development and accelerate the desired future state of the Data Economy for Food Systems

Case Studies

The pilot projects that will triger Data Economy

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