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The past few months have been quite busy for the Data4Food2030 partners, who have been all over Europe networking, presenting the project and sparking discussion around data sharing and digital transformation. Let’s have an overview of their activities, aimed at promoting our goals and mission!

Our activities in May

  • Our Project Coordinator, Wangeningen Research, was invited by the IFT – Federal Institute of Telecommunications in Mexico to attend “The Thrid forum: Dialogues on Digital Transformation in Mexico”, a series of online discussions focused on Digital Tranformation
  • ILVO presented our project at the CAPIGI 2023: BOTS, BOOTS and BUSINESS, an event focused on the latest developments in technology, in policy and in business 
  • VUB attended “The Future of Food Law” conference, where atendees reflected on EU food law beyond the Farm to Fork Strategy
  • LAKES participated in the “Utilization of artificial intelligence in the data economy”, an event organised by the Ifdea project and also in the “Data spaces super week” in Helsinki, which brought together the data space community from many sectors and countries

Our activities in June

  • Wangeningen Research attended the The Green Data Lab conference at Campus Ås, an event that brought researchers together to discuss data analysis methods and applications for a sustainable future and also also the 1st International Conference on Digital Innovation in Agri-Food – paving the way ahead, in which our partner organised a 2-day workshop on Digital Innovation in Agri-Food
  • EV ILVO participated in Data Week 2023, a data festival for IT enthusiasts, offering a week-long programme of events focusing on data, digitalisation, artificial intelligence and urban development challenges
  • ATB Bremen participated actively in the FIWARE Global Summit, giving an insightful presentation under the title “Data Spaces as enablers for an evolution of the Data Economy for Food Systems”
  • SGGW gave a presentation at the Poultry agri benchmark Conference,  in Brauschweig
  • ANYSOLUTION coorganised the Digitalisation Day and Matchmaking Event in the Balearic Islands Agro-food cooperatives’ premises, where Data4Food2030 was presented among other projects
  • ITC participated in a workshop, honouring the Green point’s ten years of operation in Pomurje and in the workshop entitled “How to structure the Dataset Terms of Use?” by DIH AGRIFOOD,  focused on creating a Data space for the AgriFood sector in Slovenia
  • University of Maribor participated in a workshop called “DIH AGRIFOOD Data space”

A huge thank you to our partners for seizing all opportunities to communicate our vision with the world!       Stay up-to-date to our latest updates and achievements, by following Data4Food2030 on social media!

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