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In honor of the International Day of Women and Girls in Science, we acknowledge the critical connection between gender equality and scientific progress. While enshrined as fundamental rights, disparities persist, with women underrepresented in STEM fields.

Αs we highlight the importance of this occasion, it’s worth noting significant milestones and facts related to this day:

  • Over the past decade, the number of female students enrolled in science and engineering programs has steadily increased, indicating a growing interest and participation in these fields.
  • Women have played pivotal roles in groundbreaking scientific discoveries throughout history, yet their contributions have often been overlooked or marginalized.
  • Despite progress, women continue to face barriers such as gender bias, unequal opportunities for career advancement, and underrepresentation in leadership positions within scientific organizations.

These statistics underscore the urgency of promoting equal opportunities in science and technology.

As we reflect on these realities, we reaffirm our commitment to fostering an environment where all individuals, regardless of gender, have equitable access to scientific opportunities. Data4Food2030 stands proudly in championing diversity and inclusion, celebrating the invaluable contributions of women scientists within our project. Let’s honour them!

It is important to promote women in science so that young girls can see themselves represented and not feel like their gender is a barrier to entering any discipline they choose!

As a young female scientist, I personally experienced a lot of support from people of all generations and genders around me. But I know that this is not yet a given for girls and women everywhere. Stay curious and excited, connect and ask questions , science is exciting!

 Let’s continue to champion gender balance in science, not just as an ideal but as the foundation for a future where innovation knows no gender. Let’s inspire the next generation of girls to speak the language of science boldly and make their mark on the world.

We are what we eat. Research allows us to improve processes and generate efficiencies, but it also provides us with valuable information to make better decisions. It’s not just about getting data and producing more, it’s about improving people’s quality of life through the power of knowledge.

I came into ‘legal sciences’ from a background and experience in human rights. I am passionate about promoting gender equality in science and research, recognizing its vital role in building a more inclusive society. I believe male or female, we need to be all allies in building a scientific world for all.

We find inspiring to have more and more women taking part in every field of Science and feel increasingly entitled to positions of responbilities. Being a researcher means to us pushing the limits of knowledge and being involved in changing the world for the better and contributing to that change as men and women.

Together, let’s join forces towards gender equality in science and beyond! ♀️

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