Fall 2022 Events and Activities

Fall was a busy season for the consortium! Our partners seized numerous opportunities to raise awareness of Data4Food2030. 

UHLAVA presented the project at the event “Farms in eastern Bohemia – excursion for examples of good practice” on November 1 &2, 2022 in the Czech Republic, an event attended by various target groups like farmers, farmer associations and food producers.

On November 3rd, 1001 Lakes gave an in-depth presentation of the project at the “Dataspace Europe launch event” in Helsinki, Finland, where multiple food system stakeholders of Finland came together.


EV ILVO was particularly busy, in October, only 2 weeks after the project was launched, EV ILVO participated in the “Data Innovation Board” workshop and in November they also attended “R&I in Agricultural data: Achieving synergies, mapping achievements, knowledge gaps and potentials” in Brussels, Belgium November 16-17 and  the Gaia-X Summit 2022, in Paris, France, along with our partner AgDataHub, who presented agri vertical, utilizing ILVO’s input. This event on November 17 was an exceptional opportunity for Data4Food2030 to be presented, as there were various stakeholders, such as technology providers and data intermediaries, academics from the scientific communities and professionals of the agrifood sector. Any Solution was also in attendance and travelled to Valencia for the  III World Congress Smart Destinations November 23-26. 

In late November, our partner BSC, in cooperation with the Latvian Farmers Federation, organized the “’Data economy and digitalization in agriculture and food production” webinar, where the Data4Food2030 logo was used and the project was introduced and promoted in front of a broad audience consisted of researchers, farmers, farmer organization, advisors, cooperative and certification agency. 



Wageningen Research has also been busy. On November 16th, Data4Food2030 coordinator Dr. George Beers gave a presentation on the project in the EC workshop “R&I in Agricultural Data” in Brussels, Belgium. On the 25th, Wageningen Research also participated in the online SCAR workshop “Assessing digitalization in food systems”, where the project was presented. On December 8th, Wageningen Research and ATB also attended the “AgGateway Europe’s year-end-meeting”, in Harsewinkel, Germany, where stakeholders from the agri-food, the machinery and the related ICT sectors came together. Potential synergies and collaborations were established at the event, making it a great opportunity for Data4Food2030!

Lisbon Council, attended the “Data for Policy” event on the 13th of December in Brussels, an event of global interest, with stakeholders such as practitioners and policy makers using data for policy. Any Solution also attended the event.

These are only some of the events that our consortium partners attended during the 4 first months of the project! Our active consortium is looking forward to creating synergies and future collaborations with relevant projects and stakeholders and spreading our project’s news around the world! 

An active 2023 is on the way! 

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