Data4Food2030 Workshop in Bremen

On May 23-24, 2023, an exciting and multipurpose Data4Food2030 workshop, took place in Bremen, hosted by ATB.                               The workshop aimed to stimulate meaningful discussion between partners and the 9 case studies and to:

  • Share the latest progress in the different areas of the project
  • Present and discuss different approaches for realising a data space
  • Identify a reference approach and consider key elements
  • Identify synergies of case studies and potential collaboration
  • Understand and further elaborate on indicators for the monitoring system
  • Discuss and analyse the dimension of data economy, as represented by the case studies
  • Elaborate on key expectations and challenges of stakeholders when realising a data space

Workshop Day 1

During day 1 of the workshop, all project partners involved in the case studies, met to share their experiences, progress and vision on discovering the value of data economy in European food systems. To facilitate collaboration among them, separate parallel discussion sessions were organised, including 8 thematic working groups, in which participants had the opportunity to dive deep into:

  • Different approaches for realising data spaces
  • Potential synergies & reuse of components
  • Identification of interoperability mechanisms

Workshop Day 2

On the second day of the Data4Food2030 workshop, 4 parallel discussion sessions took place, exploring various thematics of the project and centred around the 9 case studies and their connection to the data economy for food systems:

  • Primary results & analysis of the data economy
  • Design of the monitoring system
  • Indicators & Data sources

All participants discussed important issues of the project, such as data management, interaction between case studies, future trends and their potential impact on the project and planning the next steps until the next in person meeting in Thessaloniki, in early October!

It is always a pleasure to meet with each other, share our views and collaborate towards a fair and inclusive data economy for sustainable food systems! Stay tuned to our next activities!

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