Defining the Data Economy for Food Systems: 1st Internal Workshop

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Defining and conceptualizing the “Data Economy for Food Systems”  is an ambitious undertaking that requires productive discussions, exchange of opinions and perspectives, and, above all, education and training. This is exactly what we tried to do on December 7th 2022.  Data4Food2030 organized an internal workshop to discuss the Monitoring System that will be developed within the project.

The monitoring system is an indicator based system, aiming to monitor the development, performance and impact of the Data Economy for Food Systems on relevant EU policies , at macroeconomic and case study level (micro/meso).


During the workshop, Data4Food2030 partners worked together to define the key elements of the platform, such as users and stakeholders of the particular system, the information that needs to be monitored at macro level, as well as the coverage of the monitoring system (local or regional). 


With the use of the Mural platform, all participants had the opportunity to express their thoughts on how the data economy interrelates could improve the food systems and, on the other hand, how they can constantly provide data to strengthen food systems.


More internal workshops are coming in 2023! Stay tuned!

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