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Did you know that peach was the first fruit eaten on the moon?

All Synergy Days Conference participants dropped by the Data4Food2030 interactive booth had the opportunity to learn this and many more interesting facts related to the Data Economy for Food Systems! The curtains might have fallen on the exhilarating  Synergy Days Conference, but the time has come to have a glimpse of Data4Food2030’s active participation in the conference. The event, held from 4th to 5th October 2023 in Thessaloniki, Greece, served as a platform for the European agri-food community to gather, engage in fruitful discussions, and share knowledge. Organised as a continuation of the SmartAgriHubs project, it aimed to foster collaboration and innovation in the digital agri-food sector. Let us take you through the project’s activities in this exciting event!

Communicating Data4Food2030 to a diverse audience

The Data4Food2030 project, coordinated by Wageningen University & Research, played a pivotal role during the conference. Mireille van Hilten, Project Manager at Wageningen University & Research,  delivered a compelling 3-minute pitch presentation to a broad and multicultural audience of more than 300 participants, shedding light on the project’s mission and goals. Her presentation must have sparked curiosity and enthusiasm among the attendees, setting the stage for exciting conversations about the future of food data.

Leading a workshop on data spaces

One of the standout moments of the conference was the workshop organized by Data4Food2030 on the second day. Titled “Data Spaces: Potentials of the data economy for food systems,” this workshop drew significant attention and provided an opportunity for a meaningful dialogue about the role of data in shaping the future of food systems, thanks to our partners EV ILVO, BSC and ATB, who presented the insightful workshop. The discussions around data spaces were both enlightening and inspiring.

Interacting with participants

Visitors to the conference had the chance to engage further with Data4Food2030 by visiting stand 15 in the exhibition area. At the stand, participants could not only learn more about the project but also participate in a quiz for a chance to win Data4Food2030 goodies. It was an excellent opportunity for attendees to interact with the project’s team and deepen their understanding of its initiatives.

A huge thank you to SmartAgriHubs for organising this amazing 2-day event, bringing together stakeholders of the agrifood and agritech sector from allover Europe and sparking the conversation that shapes the future of the sector! See you all in Barcelona!

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