Data4Food2030 Kicks Off!

The Horizon Europe project Data4Food2030 was just launched on the 29th of September in Lisbon, Portugal, where all participants filled the room with positive energy!

During the kick off meeting, the project’s 24 partners were brought together for the first time, from 12 different European countries: the Netherlands, Greece, France, Belgium, Germany, Latvia, Slovenia, Czech Republic, Spain, Finland, Luxembourg and Poland and the UK, creating a multicultural and multi-disciplinary consortium led by the Dutch Wageningen Research.

After such a fruitful meeting, partners are eager to start working together and pooling their diverse expertise for one and only objective: to unfold a 4-year ambitious plan on discovering the value of Data Economy in European Food Systems.

 Data4Food2030 project, will strive to improve the data economy for food systems by expanding its definition, mapping its development, reiterating the need for a robust monitoring system, and introducing business and governance models stemming from a dialogue with stakeholders.




Get ready! The Data4Food2030
journey has just begun! 

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