Data4Food2030 at the SmartAgriHubs Final Event

Data4Food2030 is honored to have participated in the SmartAgriHub Synergy Days, in Lisbon, on the 27 & 28th of September 2022. The exceptionally organized event was the ideal occasion for the project to catch the public eye for the first time, as important stakeholders from all across Europe were brought together and united towards a common goal: securing the sustainable future of the agrifood sector.

Grigoris Chatzikostas (FSH), the Communications Manager of Data4Food2030 gave a brief presentation of the project in front of prominent guests from the European Commission, top-ranking universities and innovative companies -all stakeholders that share the same values and mindset for the digital transformation of the agrifood sector. Data4Food2030 was amongst tens of projects that had the chance to exhibit their planned efforts and intended contribution to agrifood sector innovation. 


During each day of the event, the project’s objectives were presented and we had the chance to meet like-minded peers at the Data4Food2030 booth, where productive and fruitful discussions about Data Economy were stimulated.

Sharing plans for the nine case studies was also a highlight at the booth, as these real life examples of the data economy in action will play a crucial role in achieving the project’s goals. 

Besides the awesome organization of the event, one thing stood out was the great energy everyone brought and their desire to make meaningful change across the agrifood sector.

It was a great pleasure for all attendants to physically interact with each other after 2 years of Covid- 19 restrictions, a fact that made the SmartAgriHub Synergy days a unique and memorable experience for all.

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