Wirelessinfo (WRLS)



WRLS is a virtual research cluster that brings together SMEs, research and industry with the aim of implementing existing and new GIS solutions based on web services to improve decision making in public and private sectors and strengthen the rural economy. WRLS focuses on the direct participation of end users in the field of research and development in 6 thematic areas:

  • IST for agriculture and forestry
  • GIS and SDI
  • Web services
  • E-collaboration
  • A mobile solution
  • E-learning 

WRLS also founded the first Living in Lab in the Czech Republic to bring together commercial companies, regional authorities and research institutes to cooperate on R&D projects focused on modern technologies for provision and exchange of geodata.

Primary Contact

Petr Horak

Short description of the
partner’s role in the project

WRLS will manage the Case 8: LocalSuplyData (DaaS) and solve the task, how to enable better inter-sectorial data use in Short Food Chains for sustainable soci-economic development of the region.

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