Wageningen University (WU)


Wageningen University

Wageningen University is a top research and education institute, well known for its inter-disciplinary innovative approaches in the agri-food and environmental sciences. WU is one of the top-ranked universities in the world in the fields of agricultural and environmental sciences, conducting world class fundamental and applied research, and spreading that knowledge for applications around the world. The three related core areas of their research focus are: 

  • Food, feed and biobased production
  • Natural resources and living environment 
  • Society and well-being
Primary Contact

Vincent Blok

Short description of the
partner’s role in the project

WU has extensive expertise in:

  • ethics of technology and business ethics
  • philosophy and ethics of life sciences 
  • responsible research and innovation

Co-lead: Knowledge development on data economy for food systems particularly the ethical, legal and societal aspects required for improving the DE4FS and coordinating the collective scientific publications. 

Contribute to: Strategic planning and dynamic program

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