Úhlava, o. p. s. (UHLAVA)


Úhlava, o. p. s.

UHLAVA is an independent non-profit engaged in educational and consulting activities in the areas of:

  • Environment & sustainability
  • Agriculture
  • Tourism
  • Rural development
  • Society 4.0 and the digitization of the economy
  • Local food production promotion

 UHLAVA provides higher education, professional accredited qualifications courses and lifelong learning for the general public. To better connect with farmers and regional agricultural stakeholders, UHLAVA also organizes professional and experimental excursions to agricultural farms along the Czech-Bavarian border and partners with municipalities, entrepreneurs and other non-profits to support projects and monitor subsidy opportunities.

Primary Contact

Radana Šašková

Short description of the
partner’s role in the project

UHLAVA’s expertise in education, consulting and information activities will be utilized in Case 8: LocalSuplyData and solve the task, how to enable better inter-sectorial data use in Short Food Chains for sustainable soci-economic development of the region.

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