The European Federation of Food Science and Technology (EFFoST)


The European Federation of Food Science and Technology

EFFoST is a non-profit organization bringing together more than 130 societies, institutes and universities across Europe to advance the production of sustainable and healthy food. EFFoST enables knowledge sharing and collaboration between food professionals, technologies, policymakers and businesses to promote the uptake of new technologies and developments. EFfoST aims to:

  • make knowledge available to showcase the crucial role of food science and engineering for food production
  • promote creativity among food professionals to spark breakthrough solutions for sustainable food systems
Primary Contact

Jeroen Knol

Short description of the
partner’s role in the project

EFFoST’s vast knowledge of the food sector and project manager will be used when they:

Co-lead: communication, outreach and impact maximization 

Contribute to: strategic planning and dynamic programming

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