Anysolution SL (ANYSOL)


Anysolution SL

AnySolution is an innovative SME specialized in developing strategic methodologies and projects spanning the fields of R&D&I, tourism, smart cities, smart destinations and emergencies and while contributing innovative solutions that enable knowledge transfer and standardization of regulations, policy and standards. ANYSOL’s multidisciplinary team also offers training on topics such as current EU issues, corporate social responsibility, gender equality. Collaboration is at the core of AnySol and as a result of their extensive networking they are members of more than 10 technological platforms and 5 working groups and have collaborations and alliances with more than 25 universities, clusters, ministries, clusters and more.

Primary Contact

Dolores Ordóñez Martínez

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partner’s role in the project

ANYSOL will put their knowledge of information and technologies and services to use, coordinating Case 2 Consumer Involvement

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