Case Study “PIGLink” – Open webinar!

The first, public, webinar about Data4Food2030 case study “PIGLink – from farmers to consumers” was successfully carried out by the case study leader IFIP – Institut du porc, on 17/01/2023!

A few words about IFIP - Institut du porc:

IFIP is a French Institute for pig and pork industry and has been a professional R&D organization, bringing together technology, industry and government for the past 60 years, striving to continually modernize, increase the competitiveness and long-term sustainability of the pork industry. As an agricultural technical institute, IFIP coordinates PIGLink Case study, within the Data4Food2030 project.

A few words about PIGLink:

Let's have a quick overview of what actually this case study aims to achive

 The objective of PIGLink is to fill the digital gap observed in the field, and to make data useful for the farmers and the stakeholders. It proposes to promote data interoperability by providing an open normative framework. Concretely, this involves facilitating the flow of data between equipment (e.g. connected weighing scales, water meters, syringes, dosing pumps) and management tools (e.g. technical and economic analysis software) by offering free standardized interfaces as Web APIs.

About the Open Webinar

PIGLink Webinar

Watch the whole open webinar about PIGLink Case study in French, held on 17th January 2023 by IFIP - institut du porc.

During the webinar, which was carried out in French, participants were able to better understand how PIGLink will promote the interoperability of data collected on farms, by offering equipment suppliers standardised API Web interfaces.

The aim of this webinar was:

  • to inform participants about the case study’s main goals
  • help them understand the meaning of the core concepts and
  • invite them to join PIGLink!

Stay tuned for the upcoming updates on our Case Studies’ progress & results!

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